On the Front Porch, Iraq, November 15, 2009

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Thom Moon, Andrzej Ryszka, Yoze Trooly @ Morgan's Patio

Thom, Andrzej & Doc


Bill, Brad, Dr. Blues, Dylan

Bill Dowey & The Blues Devils  at some unnamed bar in the East End


Farnsy, Fowlie, Fool

Colin, Karen, Doc


Howlin' Fowlie & Doctor Rock

Karen Fowlie et Moi Singin' at the Onion


 The Hunchback of Mando Dame

Rig Practice


Greg & Paul

 Greg Carroll emulating the Sistine Chapel while Paulie Finn checks out my exposure technique


Futile Fumbler Failing to Find Frets, Jim Baxter conducting, Station 52.



Blues on Whyte



Amos Garrett & the Eh? Team, Blues on Whyte, January 2005

Eh? Team


Me & Amos Garrett

Doing the Wall of Tremolo with Amos, back when KAOS was.


Drink 'til Two, Pistol Noon, Thet's their Gittar-playin' Goon!

Doug Charters


Station 52

Hangin' & Hammin' with Karen & Jim


The Graight White Shark @ Blues on Whyte

Graight Whyte


Kelly Jay & Friends

Playing bass with Kelly Jay, Lionel Desjarlais & Ed Miller, King's Head Pub, 2005


Chopping along with "Divine Inspiration", Morgan's Pub, 2004

Choppin' the Five


Hairy Freak with Mandolin

Chopping along with the choppers at Kane's Grand Opening, 2001


Shootin' the Shit' at Trapper's, 2004

Stratocaster & Me


King Eddy Roster

Rosterboard at the King Eddy, before the fall


Jamming with a buncha nameless fellers in the last known home of the UnaBomber;

Lincoln, Montana, July 4 2005

Lincoln, Montana


Terror & Calamity

Youthful innocence at the Town & Country...October 1997


Life as a Bag Boy, a band too numerous to name.

Canmore Pancake Breakfast, August 2001

Bag Boys


Mike Clark & Johnny V

Two Fools, No Hill.

Helluva way to run a Jam.


Johnny V strikes a classic V-Groove.

Johnny V


Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson....One Foot in the Grave, but very much alive.

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