Prickles Razormitten Velcro Pluckythumbs Burdock Lynxfoot

These three cats were found as tiny emaciated kittens in my garage in early September 2002. They have known little more than myself as 'alpha cat', and the bond is pretty strong. Their names are an allusion to the fact that as kittens they had a heck of a time walking on carpet. The two polydactyls sounded like velcro being pulled apart wherever they went. They travel with me to the rig, and have been as far away as Northeastern BC. They seem aloof to the whole production, living with travel, a Fender Twin Reverb at 7, rig noise, house construction...not leastways the quirkiness of the Alpha Cat.  As their own little family, they have always slept in a heap.

As Kittens in mid-September 2002

Still in a heap, as adults, mid-September 2006


Burd in his typical reflective mood



Named for the clingy seedcase of the burdock weed, a male classic longhair "butterfly" tabby polydactyl (5-5-7-7) puddy tat. Loves his patch of sunlight. His markings are nearly symmetrical, he's a real show-cat.



A female longhair smoky black polydactyl (5-5-7-7) with distinct thumbs on her forepaws. She's a funny cat with incredibly expressive eyes, probably because the black face is so enigmatic. She eats by plucking handfulls of kibble out of the bowl with her thumby little forefeet.

Prickles Posing for Portraiture 



Prickles is a male shorthair vest-button tabby with white mittens and bib, normal numbers of toes. He is always on his back somewhere. Don't try to pick him up, his name becomes apparent. He likes to be petted...with your feet of all things. Both he and his brother love belly rubs, which is odd for male cats who are more likely to try and eviscerate your hand (or foot).