Here are some useful or interesting links for those oilpatch types who look for things on the web, as well as a few tidbits of computese useful to others who look at and log drill cuttings. In keeping with the general theme of Tuxedo Mines, keep an eye out for the warning sign...

  ECL Canada Decollement Consulting Limited: The company with which I am presently employed, chasing rigs around Western Canada. Somewhere in their site is my resume, if that is information you might find useful. Decollement has recently merged with Exploration Consultants Limited, opening new opportunities for multidisciplinary geological pursuits.

AEUB, the regulatory body that guides us all. Information on a wide variety of energy-related stuff, but nothing on what we wellsite hacks should do with our cuttings! Are they trying to tell us something?


WellSight Systems Inc. Like their logo says, a few practical software applications for geologists in the Oilfields. User-friendly Windows applications for recording and massaging your data.

For those using Wellsight Strip.log version 4.4b or higher I have some customized *.log files, which include symbols like unconformities, pebble beds and sedimentary structures (for your core log). To download a zipped version of these customized log files, click here.

CAODC Western Canada Weekly Rig Count. Need to know if your rig-dependent services have a chance of being busy?

WHERE ARE THE PRECISION RIGS?  A cool map system for finding out where The Big Fleet is.


"Homepage for the Canadian Oilpatch". Useful links and listings, wellsite downloads, service company directories.

Thanks to John M. for this next series of links. Comments contributed by the Altitude Priest himself.
"cyberhome for reprobates, freaks and geriatrics" mostly driller types "Can
I take my golf clubs to Nigeria?" "Where is the best whorehouse in Port
Gentil?" "Has anyone seen 'two-finger McPhee' lately?"
mostly links to news releases designed to boost share prices. "344.7mmcf/d
AOF at an undisclosed location" with the usual "TSE has not approved of. .
." and "Looking forward statements. . ."
Run by a drilling guy in the UK. Useful, but mostly international stuff.
Our buddy Wiebo; site hasn't been updated for a year. The map showing the
increase in wellsites and pipelines on his land is interesting.
All locations licensed in BC, drilling or not. Some of the locations have
been on that list for years. Same list one used to be able to pick up in
Charlie Lake, but now have to go into FSJ for. .doc format, longer than
necessary download time.
New licenses for all of Canada, including the north and east coast stuff,
updated daily and searchable by location or operator. I go to it every day.
CSPG. Duh.
Mostly a message group for the acolytes of LaHerrere(sp?) and Campbell (who
wrote that article in the Scientific American 'The End of Cheap Oil') and (cheery ain't it) King Hubbert and who postulated that we are about to hit
a wall with the coming (when?) peak of oil and gas production, and nothing
can replace it. Civilization will collapse. We will freeze in the dark.
U.S. Association of Energy Economics. Run by MC Lynch of MIT, frequent
antagonist of the dieoff/Hubbert guys. He maintains that supply and demand
will either supply enough oil and gas or the price will go up enough to
create new sources of energy. Classical economics kinda stuff. MCLynch
often posts rebuttals to the 'dieoff' guys in the sci.geo.petroleum
newsgroup. The newsgroup is worth checking out, but there are usually only
3-5 posts per day, fewer on weekends.
The Geological Atlas of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Got a cable
modem? 24" monitor?
"The board" Land sales and regulations. News releases. Safety stuff.
Public hearings.
A small outfit of wellsite geols based in Saskatchewan
A somewhat larger outfit based in Paris. (They are accepting resumes for
wellsite geologists, by the way.
[although that doesn't mean they are hiring])
Some wellsite geologist up in Canada. Good cold weather gas detector tips.
Nice pix from his locations.
An American-based commercial website. Good news, and occasional articles.
Mostly American and overseas stuff. I think this is the one mentioned in the DCL
newsletter as being run by an ex-client of Decollement. Links to formulae
and assorted stuff
Mostly downstream stuff. Refineries, gas plants, pipelines.
Society of Petroleum Engineers. Unless one is a member, there is not much
there for free.

Global Warming? not if you ask or

CO2? it's good for us.


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